Florence Apartment

We made it safely to Florence today! It required us to get up at 6a (not fun when you’re on vacation), which we did and successfully made it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. Two short hours later, we were here! We opted to take a taxi to get to our apartment because that was the most direct route. There is a shuttle that runs from the airport to the central train station, but that’s about a mile from our apartment, so we would have had to either walk it (not a terrible distance at all, but not fun when you’re both lugging suitcases), take a city bus, or take a taxi. So we opted to splurge a bit and take a taxi directly. I almost always advocate for taking public transportation to reach your destination, but given the fact that a taxi was much easier and more direct, this was an exception.

Here are a few pictures of our place:

Florence Apartment Exterior
The exterior door to our apartment. Our place is on the ground floor, so the window just to the left of the door is ours.

Florence Apartment Interior1
Looking from the entryway into the main living area and kitchen. Nice place!

Florence Apartment Interior2
Looking from the kitchen towards the entryway, where you’ll see a ladder going up to the loft (there’s also storage to the left that you can’t see).

Florence Apartment Interior3
The lofted bed. Yep, we got a loft again!

The apartment seems really comfortable! After we got here, we found a nearby place for a late lunch (not easy since many of the restaurants here close after lunch and then reopen around 7 for dinner) and then explored the city. Want to know what we got up to? Check out my next post, coming shortly!

One thought on “Florence Apartment

  1. A lofted bed – reminds me of college. Kind of fun. 🙂

    I just had a thought: I think a “Resources” tab on your blog with a list of all the cool services you use/products you think are helpful would be very cool! Just something for you to consider…

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