Who’ing It Up

I bet you thought I forgot about this blog again, didn’t you? Didn’t you?! Well, I didn’t. 🙂 I’ve been busy lately! But I’m excited to be posting about another upcoming trip. It’s a trip I’ve made every February since 2002 and I look forward to it immensely. So where am I going? If you guessed that I’m going to another Doctor Who convention, you win! On Wednesday, I’ll be making the journey to Los Angeles for Gallifrey One, North America’s biggest and best Doctor Who convention. This will be my 13th consecutive year going to Gally (as it’s generally known) and I can’t wait. And no, it’s not just because of this:


I mean, that’s definitely a perk of visiting LA in February, but the weather is a total crapshoot at this time of year. Sometimes it’s like the forecast above, but other times it’s grey, rainy, windy, and barely cracks 50° F. Looks like we might get lucky this year though!

Although I look forward to this trip every year, I was in danger of having my travel plans dashed up until a couple of hours ago! I was once again planning on traveling with my friend Bill, but after two great flights on standby, our luck ran out…right along with every single available seat on pretty much every flight between Minneapolis and Los Angeles on Wednesday. We were looking at all kinds of other options to try and make it work – leaving earlier or later in the day, going a day early, taking a connecting flight instead of a direct one, etc. But none of it seemed to work! Because Gally is so important to me, I wanted to be sure I got there, so I caved and just bought a round-trip ticket. I could have gone for just a one-way ticket, since the options to get home next Monday still look good, but I didn’t want to risk having to buy a last-minute ticket, so I went the safe route. This is definitely a lesson in standby travel though! Sometimes it works a treat and there are no issues, but other times, you’re left scrambling to figure out how you’re going to get there and/or back. Bill’s plans are still a bit up in the air, but since he works for Delta, he has more options, so I know he’ll get there. It just may not be at the same time as me! Even though standby didn’t work out on this trip, I have to say thanks to Bill for looking into so many flights for us!

I have to say that my love of travel really grew out of attending this convention. I met so many great friends there, several of whom are from the UK and other countries, that I wanted to have an excuse to see them more than once a year, so I made my first trip outside the US just over a year after my first Gally experience. And I haven’t looked back since!

Speaking of looking back though, isn’t this a good time for a photo montage? Get ready for some classic Jeff because you’re about to see the evolution of me over the last dozen years!

Gally 2002 – Steve and I have been friends since we met at my very first convention (Chicago TARDIS 2000). Disregard the blonde hair. 🙂

Gally 2003 – Me with the lovely Caroline Morris and India Fisher, who both worked on the Big Finish Doctor Who audios.

Gally 2004 – This picture was the result of a random evening spent hanging around with great friends. Wonder where that caterpillar ever ended up?

Gally 2005 – A word to the wise: avoid 2a photo ops at conventions. At least my friend Zoe looks great!

Gally 2006 – Me with a lovely group of my friends hanging out on the Sunday night in the lobby of the new convention hotel, the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

Gally 2007 – Me with my great friends Bill and Steve singing karaoke. Although Gally still has karaoke, it now happens over 2-3 nights and is so packed that we don’t even bother to try and sing anymore!

Gally 2008 – Me and my fabulous friend Robbie (Scottish by way of Oxford) just after the convention wedding of two great folks who had been attending Gally for years (and who still attend today).

Gally 2009 – I know I already included one karaoke picture, but I love this one so much that I had to include it. Good times singing En Vogue with Trey, Chris, and Cory!

Gally 2010 – Me and Suze! Just one of the many great friends I’ve met at this convention.

Gally 2011 – My friend Josh (also from Minneapolis) and me in the hotel lobby.

Gally 2012 – Of course, I had to have a picture with my friend Ruth Ann, who I met at Gally 2005 and who has been my international travel companion several times since then.

Gally 2013 – The lovely and wonderful Matt! He’s another friend from the UK who I originally met in LA and is one of the many people I try to see whenever I’m in the UK.

And there you have it! You may be thinking, “But why aren’t there pictures of you in costume or posing with props from the show or in a panel or something?” While I do enjoy conventions for the Doctor Who content (after all, that’s why I first started going to them), they’re really more about seeing my amazing friends. That’s why I’ll always make going to LA a priority each February!

4 thoughts on “Who’ing It Up

  1. This is a perfect year to win the LA-weather lottery! I’m jealous. But very glad to hear you were able to go, and that you had a terrific time!

    And holy crap, your hair!! Wowzers. A fun look back. 🙂

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