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I’ve hinted at this a few times, but it’s time to confirm it – we will be returning to Europe in 2014! Not much of a surprise, I know, but Soctt and I have been planning this out for awhile and now that we’ve got some stuff booked, today felt like a good day to post about it.

Of course, the burning question is “Where are you going this time?”. Well, I’m so glad you asked! Here is this year’s itinerary:

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Munich, Germany
  • Zurich, Switzerland

We’re going to be traveling in the Aug/Sep timeframe again, but we’re taking just over two weeks instead of a full three weeks this time. That’s actually more in line with the traveling I’ve always done in the past, so I would imagine that’s the trend we’ll continue on in the future. In fact, the only other time I took a three-week trip aside from last year was in 2012 and that was only because I wasn’t able to take an international trip in 2011 due to grad school, so I decided to make up for it the following year. Obviously that means we won’t have as much time in each location, but based on our experience last year, I feel confident that we’ll still get to see and do a lot by spending 3-4 nights in each city. The exception to that is Zurich, which we added to the end of the trip (we’re only spending two nights there).

So what have we booked so far? We’ve got the round-trip airfare from Minneapolis (flying into Budapest and out of Zurich), airfare from Budapest to Berlin, and apartments in each city via Airbnb already booked. We’ve definitely been looking at day trip options for each city, but haven’t booked any of them yet. Scott has done some research into transportation to the other cities, but we haven’t booked them yet because we’re likely taking trains for most, if not all, of it and you typically can’t book train tickets more than 90 days out because timetables are subject to change.

I say this every year, but I really can’t wait for this trip! All of the cities and countries on this trip are totally new to both of us, so I’m looking forward to us exploring them together.

Since these places are new to both of us though, I’d love to hear from you! If you’ve been to any of these cities before, what do you recommend seeing and doing? What hidden gems do we need to see? What great restaurants should we visit? What are the tourist traps to avoid? Have you been on any great day trips from any of these cities? Post a comment below and let me know!