Train Travel Interlude – Oslo to Bergen

Yes, you’re getting another post from me already. Lucky!

Most of yesterday was spent on the seven-hour train ride from Oslo to Bergen. We could have flown, but we heard the train ride between the two cities (which takes you all the way from Norway’s east coast to its west coast) offers some pretty spectacular views and it was also really inexpensive (~$30 USD each), so we decided to go for it.

The train moves along at a pretty good clip and it’s also on a fairly windy track at times, which again leads me to warn anyone out there who is prone to motion sickness to come prepared. We actually booked seats facing each other so we could both have a window seat (both to see the views and to help Scott with any potential motion sickness moments), but when we got on the train, we realized something must have changed with the train layout because our seats weren’t configured the way the website had shown us. Still, we picked two empty seats next to each other and that seemed to work out fine. The two seats across the aisle were usually open for most of the journey as well, so one of us would often move over there to get pictures from that side of the train.

We booked our tickets directly through NSB (the train operator) and it’s a really slick process. You can choose to pick up your tickets at the station (they have staffed desks and unmanned kiosks at Oslo Central Station) or you can just print a PDF of your tickets at home. If you do that, just keep the tickets with you on the train as you’ll need to show them. Note – you may notice a validator when you’re heading towards your platform, but if you have printed tickets, you don’t need to validate anything (that’s just for people with travel cards).

Now, for pictures! This is what I really wanted to highlight with this post since we didn’t have time for much else. I don’t think the photos are as amazing as they could have been since nearly all of them were taken through the window of a moving train, but I picked some of the best ones to highlight here. Enjoy!

The sun was shining, so we were really able to take in a lot from the train.

Love the glimmering water in this one.

I played around when editing this photo to minimize the window glare as much as possible!

How amazing is the scenery??

This is Finse Station, the highest station in Norway’s railway network at just over 4,000 feet above sea level. I actually got out of the train to take this picture!

It was kind of crazy to see so much snow because it definitely wasn’t cold out, but I presume that snow is probably there year-round.

This is probably my favorite picture from the train journey.

After seven hours, we reached Bergen. Our Airbnb host gave us specific directions to walk to our apartment from the station, which were spot-on and gave us a preview of this gorgeous town as we walked through some of its streets. It feels very European and is beautiful to look at, so I know we’re going to have a great time here!

Upon reaching the apartment, we met up with our host (who lives in the apartment above us), who did a great job of giving us the lay of the land, giving us restaurant recommendations, and making us feel at home. And the apartment itself, while small (like the Oslo apartment), is pretty perfect! We had a good night’s sleep here and will shortly be heading out to explore this beautiful town. In the meantime, here are some initial pictures from Bergen:

The entry into our apartment.

Looking into the living room from the front door.

Turn on your heels in the living room and you’re looking at the small kitchen area. Although we don’t plan to do any cooking here, this kitchen is definitely equipped for it!

The bedroom, which is right off the living room.

The bathroom, which is just off the bedroom (shower is off-camera to the left).

The picturesque street our apartment is on.

Looking out over Bergen just around the corner from our apartment.

Watching a nice sunset before grabbing a late dinner.

Today is our only full day in Bergen before we fly to Copenhagen tomorrow. We don’t leave until 4p though, so we may save one or two things to do tomorrow morning before we leave. Look for a recap of Bergen later today!

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