Adios, México

Well, 2020 is here and Mexico is behind us. I still don’t get the temporal physics of how time passes by so much more quickly while on vacation, but as I always say, if you don’t ever come back from a vacation, then you can’t take another one. So now that I’m back from this one, I can plan my next one. 🙂

The rest of our time at Unico was really nice (shocking, I know). After the fabulous day trip three of us took to Coba and Tulum on Thursday, we only had one full day left as well as Saturday morning before heading to the airport for our late afternoon flight home. We made the most of that time, spending Friday at the pool (most of it *in* the pool because it was another hot day) and enjoying one final breakfast at the delish buffet on Saturday morning. Oh! And on Friday night, we another amazing meal at Unico’s Italian restaurant. It honestly felt like each meal at each restaurant was the best of the trip – they were all so good! The food is just one of the things that made this trip so good, but look for more on that in my detailed review of the resort (coming soon).

A very minor drawback of the Unico is the fact that it’s a little over an hour from the airport, so even though our flight home wasn’t until around 430p, we were in a shuttle from the resort a little after noon. The ride there was as expected and the airport process went exactly as it should have. I have strong memories of the last time we were in that airport, almost five years ago. The AC in the airport wasn’t working on that trip, which was NOT fun, especially for someone like me, who doesn’t like heat in the first place. Thankfully, the AC seemed to be in fine working order this time around, so we chilled (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little pun) for a bit before jumping on a plane. Oh and, in case it wasn’t yet clear, we made it home with no issues. 🙂

As I sit here writing this in chilly Minnesota, let’s revisit sunnier times from just a few short days ago, and one final, delicious meal!

Checking out Unico’s beach presence.

Selfie on the beach.

Lots of palm trees!

I found this one to be particularly lush.

Love walking on the beach!

Getting a photo of the waves.

Another shot of our lizard friend sunning himself by the pool.

The fountain by the Italian restaurant, which is reached by an outdoor breezeway, so we enjoyed our meal right by the water.

This caprese salad was super fresh and delicious.

This was some very tasty fried cheese.

First-rate lasagna! Not pictured is the focaccia and small pizza we shared among the five of us. Also tasty!

This small cake isn’t what we ordered for dessert, but it was still good. Not as sweet as the desserts we’re used to, but that always seems to be the case outside the US.

A final group photo after enjoying many, many carbs.

All told, this was a fantastic trip at an excellent resort. We had great weather and lots of fun – it was the perfect way to start the new year. My next post will be a detailed review of Unico, so come back soon to check it out.

Happy New Year!

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