A Sunny NYC Day

Surely one of the best parts of any vacation is waking up and realizing you actually have nothing to wake up for, right? That’s how our day started today and it was glorious! Not having any plans for the day until this evening (more on that later) gave us the chance to sleep in, relax, and just lay around for awhile. And somehow it’s more fun to do those things with a view of Manhattan from the 32nd floor, so I’m not mad about it. šŸ™‚

Though it would have been nice to just be lazy ALL day, we eventually figured we should get to gettin’ and make the most of a nice, sunny day. After the really hot summer we’ve had in Minnesota this year and the tropical storm that JUST hit NYC a few days ago, it was great to have a sunny, not-too-humid day to enjoy for our first full day back in the Big Apple.

It will probably come as NO surprise to learn that the only thing we wanted to do was grab some brunch. Although we did make reservations for some meals, we didn’t have any booked for today, so we decided to walk to Bubby’s, about two miles away, in Tribeca. This was a new restaurant to me, but Scott had been there on a previous trip and really enjoyed it (well, he actually went to a location that was in the Meatpacking district, but seems like that has since closed). Although they DO take reservations generally, they DON’T take them for weekend brunch (8-4p both Saturday and Sunday), but we decided to chance it and hope that there wouldn’t be much of a wait. Thankfully, there wasn’t! After a lovely walk to get there (perfect in the shade, but maybe just a little too hot in the sun), we were pleasantly surprised that, although the restaurant was busy, there were open tables both inside and outside, so we were seated within about two minutes. Perfect!

I don’t always love eating outside, but we were in the shade, so it wasn’t hot, plus the hustle-bustle of passers-by made for a good atmosphere. Oh, and the food was pretty delish, too! With solid COVID protocols in place, we scanned a QR code on our table to view the menu (the staff were all in masks, too – there was also a sign outside saying vaccinations were required to eat inside) and quickly landed on biscuits and gravy with breakfast potatoes (for me) and chicken and pancakes (for Scott), plus some bacon mac-and-cheese (to share). Did we need all that deliciousness? Not really, especially when we saw how big the portions were, but it was all so good! Scott’s pancakes could have used a little more syrup (but it was a bourbon maple syrup, so more of it may have overpowered the sweetness of the pancakes), but we were very satisfied overall. I will say it was a little bit on the pricey side, with our meal coming to ~$85 with tip, but the quality and quantity of the food are pretty worth it.

From breakfast, we walked back the way we came so we could have a wander through Scott’s favorite neighborhood, the West Village. On previous trips, we’ve always rented apartments there, so it was nice to see it again! I’m sure we’ll end up back there during the trip. šŸ™‚ Oh, and since we opted not to get a sweet treat at Bubby’s, we decided to grab one at Magnolia, since we walked right by it in the West Village anyway. We’ve been there on one or two of our previous trips and it’s always been pretty busy, but we were able to walk right in today! A couple of cupcakes, cookies, and one or two other tasty treats may have walked out with us. Oops!

All sugared up at this point, we made our way back to the hotel, where we’ve just been chilling. Oh, and writing this post. May as well check out these photos I took, too!

Nice, colorful street art!
This (presumably old) brick street sign caught my eye.
Busy at Bubby’s, but no wait for a table.
Before our food came, I went inside for a bathroom break and found this random photo booth.
Carbs on carbs on carbs.
Scott’s chicken and pancakes and our shared bacon mac-and-cheese.
Don’t forget about my delicious biscuits and gravy. Yum!
Frequent readers will know of my love of Mariah Carey. This is where she lives! In the penthouse, of course.

After all that walking around, we chilled in the hotel for awhile. Hey, it’s a vacation, right? I certainly don’t mind enjoying the hotel and the city view while writing a blog post. There are definitely worse ways to spend your time. šŸ™‚

But we did have something else to do in the evening! Although Broadway isn’t reopening until later this month, we wanted to find a show to see, even a small one. Scott did some sleuthing and find The Housewives of Secaucus, a little Off-Broadway show at The Actors’ Temple Theatre, just off Times Square. We weren’t expecting anything deep from it, but it was a fun show! Good performances from all the actors, plus some fun audience interactivity. And the lip sync moments were a lot of fun, with great song choices. The audience was pretty small, but I think we all enjoyed the show. You can catch it at 8p every Saturday – go see it if you can!

Oh, how I LOATHE navigating through big, slow, noisy crowds like this. Really glad neither of us are into this!
Outside the theatre. They did ask for proof of vaccination inside, which we appreciated.
Ready to enjoy the show!

After the show, we walked back to the Renaissance and decided to avail ourselves of the hotel bar. We have a daily credit to use in the bar/restaurant and we figured we should check it out. Although there was only one bartender on duty, he was very nice and did a good job of making sure everyone got served (it wasn’t hugely busy, but busy enough that he had several people wanting drinks at once). We enjoyed our drinks and Scott even grabbed a little evening pizza, which was tasty. Hotel prices were definitely in force (so, expect to overpay for the drinks if you come here), but it’s nice as far as hotel bars go.

As we wrapped up the day in the room, we did get treated to a little light show from the Empire State Building:

The lights alternated from this red-white-and-blue motif and a shimmering white. Another reminder of our nice view!

And with that, our first full day in NYC has come to an end. More to come tomorrow!

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