Cabo Check-In – The Final Day!

Wow, it’s already the last day of this trip! And it’s nearly 6:30 PM, which means that we aren’t even laying in the sun/pool anymore. Waaaahhhh! Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end, right? And once we’re back, we can plan another trip!

To get the most important update out of the way first, I’m happy to confirm we’ll be able to fly home tomorrow! As you surely know (or may remember, if you’re reading this in the far future), a negative COVID test is currently required to enter the US. Thankfully, Secrets handled all this for us – the testing is on-site and our appointments were scheduled for today on the day we arrived, so we just had to show up! The process was a little slow, with only one person handling check-in and paperwork and another person doing the actual testing, so we were in there for probably 45 minutes from start to finish. But hey, all four of us were negative, allowing us to fly home tomorrow. 🙂

As I mentioned in my last post (you know, the only other post about this trip), I’ll be writing up a more complete review of the resort in the near future, but after wrapping up several days here, I can confirm there’s very little any of us would change about it. The service has continued to be great and we’ve also been enjoying the food (it’s been just a little hit-and-miss, but definitely way more hit than miss), not to mention our rooms and the outdoor space (I really love the pool here!). It’s been a really nice, relaxing week in the sun! Alas, the reality of winter in Minnesota will soon reassert itself. Brrrrr!

A few more photos below to round the trip out.

Having fun with our teppanyaki server! This dining experience is the only one at the resort that requires a reservation (likely because there are only three teppanyaki tables).
We made at least one stop at Coco Cafe every day. It’s a little coffee shop with sweet treats as well. I could care less about coffee (though Justin has enjoyed their iced vanilla lattes), but their tres leches cake is legit!
Sometimes you just want dessert for your meal. This was my lunch one day and I have zero guilt about that. 😀
Gorgeous views from one of the two beach walks I took every day.
Waves crashing against some particularly mossy rocks.
This was today’s poolside food! Burgers, hot dogs, tacos, and even paella have been available throughout the week.
Happy New Year! This is part of the resort’s NYE party, which we aren’t going to.
This HUGE moth has been camped out on my friends’ patio all day.
We unfortunately had some rain today, but not until after we came back from the pool.

We’re all sad to see this trip come to an end! For now though, we’ll enjoy our final evening here and then one last breakfast and maybe even a little more pool time before we head to the airport tomorrow morning. Cabo, you’ve been great!

PS – in case you were wondering, we made it home just fine after this final day! While we had some luggage woes when we got home (Sun Country took FOREVER to get our bags down, but we did finally get them), the trip was otherwise uneventful. A couple of travel-related pics below!

Boarding our plane in Cabo.
Views from the plane.

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