Ready Freddy

Yep, it’s time to check in! Well, past that time actually since I just did it! I love getting the email telling me that I can check in – feels like the last step in the long process of putting a trip together. Now I just have to make it through tomorrow and this trip can officially begin!


Although my bags are packed and I feel prepared, it seems like at least one little thing ends up not making it into my luggage on most of my trips. Does that happen to you? What’s the thing you’ve forgotten to take on a trip that you wish you hadn’t forgotten?

11 thoughts on “Ready Freddy

  1. Trousers to Amsterdam. It’s true. The evening I flew to Amsterdam (and London for 10 days) was the last day of my job and I was so rushed to pack that I left all my trousers on my bed except for the pair that I was wearing. At least it was a good excuse to go shopping.

    1. Yikes! I was thinking something like a pair of glasses or a toothbrush, but forgetting ALL your trousers certainly qualifies as forgetting to pack something. 🙂 You’re right though – good excuse to go shopping!

  2. I was rushing to pack for a month and half long trip to London and Paris and I literally had to sit on my suitcases to get them to close late the night before. It was quite the workout!

  3. You know the answer to that question because you had to slog around Wales with me looking for proper make-up brushes.

  4. I’m paranoid that I will forget something vital (like my purse, or medicine, or passport)… so the night before I triple-check these items – then put my keys on top of them so that there is no way I can leave without them… I figure everything else I can buy a replacement of if I need to. 🙂

    1. Good tip, Stef! I do that sometimes, too – I figure if I put something I can’t forget on top of something I’m likely to, I improve my odds of remembering it. 🙂

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