Surely Secure

We’ve been through security, so we are now well and truly secure to fly! Our friend Josh gave us a ride here (thanks Josh!) and we’ve got some time to kill, so why not have a couple of drinks? And by we, I mean me, since he’s having water and I’m having a vodka/Red Bull. But that’s a drink, right?


Getting a drink isn’t normally part of my pre-flight routine, but today I figured, why not! What pre-flight routines do you have? When I travel alone, I like to walk around, listen to music, and people-watch. More interesting than just sitting at the gate!


3 thoughts on “Surely Secure

  1. I adore the down time of travel; it lets me get caught up on old magazines/books/articles I’ve been wanting to read. When the reading gets old (i.e., after 2-3 hours), I then write/blog, listen to podcasts, or do sudoku puzzles.

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