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We’re getting ready to head out shortly, but the weather has unfortunately not been cooperating (in some ways) this morning. Although the sun is hidden and the temperature is lower (a welcome change from the last two days!), it’s also been thundering and rainy off and on. It’s a gentle kind of thunder and rain though – the kind that would be great to sleep to. Alas, Paris awaits, rain or shine!

After talking more about our plans for today, here’s what we’d like to visit:

*Notre Dame
*Le Marais

On recommendation from the Barefoot Contessa (one of Scott’s favorites!), we’re also planning on having a meal at Café Varenne. Although they don’t seem to have a website, all the reviews and recommendations look great. And I’m sure Ina wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t amazing, right? 🙂

One of the things Scott is really excited about for this trip, especially here in Paris, is the food. What food suggestions do you have for us here in Paris? Or anywhere else for that matter!