Dias 1 y 2 en Mexico

Or, Days 1 and 2 in Mexico. πŸ™‚

So far, so good! Is anyone surprised that I sprung for internet on this trip? If so, you shouldn’t be. As far as hotel internet go, it wasn’t a bad deal – only $43 for a full week’s worth. It would have felt weird to not be connected for so long!

As I said, this vacation is my first all-inclusive resort and one of the first true beachy-type vacations I’ve ever taken. My trips are usually more about running around, seeing sights, and taking in new countries. I am visiting a new country though! That’s right – I’ve never been to Mexico before! Visiting a new country is definitely a plus! Since we got here yesterday, we’ve been having a great time laying by the pool, enjoying beverages, partaking in some tasty food, and that’s about it. And it’s glorious! Because we couldn’t check in until 3p yesterday, we didn’t get out to the pool until just after 4p. Given how tired we all were yesterday, we had some pool time, got cleaned up, ate dinner, and went to bed…at 8p! Totally worth it though. This trip is all about time with friends, enjoying the sun, swimming, and generally relaxing. We’re well on our way to doing that! We have one more friend arriving from Minneapolis tomorrow, so our group will be complete then. Can’t wait!

Now, as for the resort we’re staying at, let’s just say it’s not amazing. The A/C doesn’t work well (which I realize is difficult in this kind of humidity), the service to get food today was REALLLLLLY slow, and the reception staff did nothing to fix the fact that Scott and I weren’t placed in the right kind of room (double instead of a king). We’ll see what the experience is like after we’ve spent more time here, but I’m less than impressed so far. We’re still having a great time though, so I’m looking forward to the rest of this trip!

4 thoughts on “Dias 1 y 2 en Mexico

  1. I’m confused… you go and learn all that Spanish and never go to Mexico until now? Hope you’re using it! Second – what resort? FYI – ask me for advice on a resort next time – I may have never been to Mexico, but I know EVERYTHING about the resorts there πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve been to other Spanish-speaking countries, so it’s all good! I didn’t even think about checking with you before doing this trip though – thanks for the reminder! I definitely will next time!

  2. I have also never been on an all-inclusive/resort vaca, so I’m very excited to follow along with your trip and hear what you think! (Especially since you’re usually more of an ‘activity-based’ type of traveler.)

    I’m sorry to hear your initial experience at the resort isn’t ideal; how did you find the place? (Just curious, since you usually do a lot of research before your trips…) I hope things turn around for you!

    1. We did some initial work with a friend of mine who is a travel agent and then we did some research on our own. Scott ended up finding a great, all-inclusive deal for the whole group through Expedia, so that’s where we ended up booking it.

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