¡Estamos en Mexico!

We’re in Mexico! Of course, those of you who can read Spanish already knew that from the title. 🙂 We made it safely to Cancun yesterday after a fairly uneventful flight (unless you count the guy across the aisle from me who brought his own supply of mini liquor bottles with him on the plane and drank no fewer than FIVE of them during the flight). Getting through customs and getting our luggage was smooth sailing, as was the shuttle trip to the airport. Cancun is such a touristy place that you should absolutely plan your hotel transport before you get there. There are TONS of people right after the customs area trying to get you to book their shuttles, rent their cars, go on their excursions, etc. Knowing that all we had to do was walk up to the one company we already booked with made things a lot easier.

The trip to the resort was slightly bizarre because we traveled the exact same route we took last year and stopped at almost the exact same place we stayed at last year (this year’s resort is literally next door to last year’s). Since we didn’t get to the hotel until around 7p, we obviously weren’t going to be sunning ourselves, so we got checked in, unpacked, and had dinner (along with a few drinks, naturally – it is an all-inclusive, after all!). Now, after last year’s room experience, I was EXTRA passionate about making sure we had a good room this year. The GR Solaris didn’t disappoint! Not only did we have the king bed we booked, but we also had a bottle of champagne waiting for us, an ocean view, and a great balcony with a jacuzzi tub. 🙂 Here’s this morning’s view from that balcony:

I realize iPads don’t take the best photos, so you can’t see the ocean that well, but it is a great view. And the pool chairs you can see right by where that person is walking (near the yellow cone) are the ones we reserved. We’re following the same process we did last year, where part of the group gets up really early (4 or 5 AM) each morning to put our towels out to hold the chairs we want. This is especially important with seven people! If you walk out there at 7 AM, all the chairs have already been claimed. Scott thought he spied different towels on a couple of our chairs, so he went down to look and, sure enough, someone had moved some of our towels and tried to take our chairs. Needless to say, Scott handled business on that and put our towels back. 🙂 It’s really frustrating that people will just come along and do that, but it just reinforces how diligant we have to be to get chairs together.

Everyone else was pleased with their rooms and we all agree that we really like this resort so far. We’re just about to have breakfast, so we’ll see how our first experience with that goes!

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