Ciao, New York!

Well, it’s Monday morning and we’re sitting at the airport, so I guess that means we’re headed home! We had a really great time here in NYC, but it will be nice to get back to St. Paul. There’s nothing like a good trip to remind you how much you appreciate what you have at home!

Our final day in the Big Apple (yesterday) was a bit more on the quiet side, but we still got out to see a few things. To start the day, we caught an Uber up to Times Square. We’ve both visited before, but it just feels like one of those things I have to do when I’m in this city (much like I always have to visit Trafalgar Square when I’m in London). We were there just long enough to snap a few pictures and get slightly irritated with the throngs of people before we got on our merry little way. I’m sure most of you have been to Times Square before, but if you haven’t, just stay very alert, both for pickpocketers and for all the annoying people trying to sell you bus tour tickets or have you take a picture with them in their knock-off Disney costumes. They’re all over that part of the city and, of course, nothing is free, so you’re better off saving pictures like that for Disneyworld.

Since Times Square isn’t too far from Central Park, we made that our destination. We walked up 5th Avenue and snapped a few photos along the way, before taking a little stroll through the park. It was a gorgeous, sunny day (the warmest of our trip), so there were lots of people in the park. Not too crowded though, which was great (maybe because a lot of people are out of town for the holiday weekend). If you have the time, a picnic in the park is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon! We talked about doing that, but instead opted to just buy a couple of snacks from a food vendor. Works just as well!

The only other thing we for sure wanted to do was pay a visit to the Flatiron Building because it’s a favorite of Scott’s. We passed it briefly on the way to our apartment when we arrived, but other than that, I had never seen the building in person before, so I was happy to visit and snap a few pictures of it. With all its skyscrapers and cool architecture, New York City is an amazing place to just wander around and take pictures!

After the Flatiron, we may or may not have made another stop at Doughnut Planet (we were so close to it!) before heading home. After some more relaxing at the apartment (hey, it’s a vacation, right??), we decided to do dinner at Tartine, another quaint little place in the West Village. It was also, surprisingly, another place that only takes cash. I’m glad we knew that ahead of time so we could stop at an ATM again! I was very surprised at the number of restaurants we went to that only took cash as that isn’t usually something I find in the US. Still, as long as you can plan for it, it’s not a problem. The meal we had at Tartine was very good – sautéed chicken for Scott and peppered beef mignonette for me.

Onwards and upwards to pictures!

Looking around Times Square.

Black-and-white Times Square.

Times Square selfie!

Shopping doesn’t interest me in the slightest normally, but I figured I’d get a picture of Saks since we were actually on 5th Avenue.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral near Times Square.

I love a good, old door and St. Patrick’s had a great one!

The Delacorte Music Clock in Central Park.

Another shot of Central Park.

The Flatiron is such a cool building to look at!

Retro Flatiron.

A tiny piece of NYC skyline near the Flatiron.

Looking across the Hudson River while we were taking a stroll after dinner.

And that’s it! We’re about to board our flight home, so it’s time to sign off. More trips to come! 🙂

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