Coming Soon – Canada!

Yes, that’s right – I’m off to Canada soon! Believe it or not, this is my first trip there, which is funny considering it borders Minnesota. But hey, that’s okay! Montreal is our destination and I’m really excited! After all, what better way is there to spend a long weekend than to visit a new place, right??

Since I’ve never been there before, I’m looking for suggestions! What places, restaurants, and hidden spots have you loved in Montreal? And which ones were you less than impressed with? I’ve always been told that Montreal has a European feel to it, so I’m looking forward to seeing if that’s true!

It all starts tomorrow afternoon, though that will mostly be about just flying there and getting settled into our apartment. We found a great place in the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough through Airbnb that looks like it’s going to be the perfect home for the next few days, so look for pictures of that soon.

And just after Montreal (three weeks from today), it will be all about the UK again! England, Wales, Doctor Who, friends, and fun – it’s going to be great!

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