Paris Passthrough…Again

I’m back in Paris! Only very briefly though, so I’m writing this post from yet another plane. I just had an uneventful yet comfortable 10-hour flight from Bangalore, marred only by the fact that the plane sat on the ground for 30 minutes after we landed because another plane was at our gate. Of course, Air France says that’s on the airport, not them, so nothing to be done about it.

I was only slightly rushed as a result of the delay and ended up getting to my Minneapolis gate a few minutes before boarding started. I was hoping to stop by the Air France lounge for a quick shower again (I did it on the way to India and it really does help refresh you – so nice when going from one long flight to another!), but didn’t have time. But either way, I’m in my swanky Delta One seat, which is a newer, better configuration than my flight from Minneapolis to Paris because it’s angled to the window rather than the aisle. So here’s to a smooth, relaxing flight.


See you in the Twin Cities!

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