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Another December, another Mariah Carey concert. Of course, I was beyond excited to attend this one in particular because we got SECOND-ROW SEATS! Although this is Mariah’s third consecutive year doing a Christmas concert series in December, the specific dates weren’t announced until fairly late in the game (late October/early November, I think), so we didn’t want to plan our trip until they were announced. And when they were, we decided we would go for the full experience and get up as close as we could. Our great seats were part of a VIP package, which probably sounds better than it actually was, but we did get a couple of gifts when we arrived (a scarf and a thermal bottle, both emblazoned with MC logos) and we also got to enjoy an hour of open bar time before the doors opened for the other ticket holders, which was a nice touch.

If you’ve never been there, the Beacon Theatre is a great concert venue. It’s a good size (its capacity is about 2,900 people), allowing for great sound and a good view from most seats. Last year, we were in the front row of the lower balcony, so we had a great view of the stage. But being in the second row on the floor this year, we had an even better view. 🙂 Mariah is famously late for most things in life, including this concert, but we had a nice time chatting with the people seated near us, including a great couple from Miami (they weren’t impressed with the cold weather!) and a nice woman sitting in front of us who said she’s met Mariah about 50 times! She has all the photos from those 50 times on her Instagram, along with photos of her with lots of other stars, so I was a little jealous. Of course, all the chatter died down when the show started (about an hour late, but I didn’t care).

As for the concert itself, what can I say? I loved it! I’ve loved Mariah’s music since I was about ten years old and when you couple her voice with Christmas music (which I also love), it’s the perfect combination. Although she had a bit of a cold and didn’t sound quite as good as she did at last year’s show, it was still perfection. Obviously I’m biased, but I think everyone who can see it should! But if you can’t make it, check out the selection of my photos below and you’ll get a good feel for it.

Heading into the Beacon

Oh yes – VIPs!

I loved this Christmas tree just outside the door to our seats

We’re ready – bring up that curtain!

Opening the show with Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

It was so nice of her to look directly at me and smile for this photo 🙂


Mariah and one of her dancers, Anthony

Talking to the super-talented kids (all dancers and the girl on the far left also did some singing) about what they get excited for at Christmas

Singing Oh Santa in sepia

One of my favorite shots!

Last song before her first costume change

Mariah’s friend and backup singer Trey Lorenz sang a solo of Jesus, O What a Wonderful Child during Mariah’s first costume change

Trey and the choir

Silent Night

I only took the color out of a few photos because the set design was really colorful and I didn’t want to lose that, but monochrome worked well a few times

Loved hearing the Christmas classics!

I like this picture, but I wish Mariah hadn’t been moving her hand

Playing around with some blurs

Catching up with Big Jim Wright between songs

Looking very angelic here

Bringing out the dancers for When Christmas Comes

This is another favorite shot – it was so great to be close enough to take such clear photos

Mariah’s kids, Moroccan and Monroe, wanted to come on stage. So cute!

Mariah and Roe Roe striking a pose. I felt Instagram famous for this shot because not only did Mariah herself (or her social media team) post it on her Instagram, but the next day, People Magazine reposted it! #famous

On the lookout for Santa

There he is!

Mariah brought R. Kelly on stage as a special guest and they sang a duet of The Christmas Song

R. Kelly singing his part

This was just before they grabbed glasses of eggnog

Mariah and her new boyfriend/rebound/backup dancer Bryan Tanaka

O Holy Night is a favorite of mine!

I had to get a video clip of the end of this song. So amazing!

Yes, there was another costume change just before R. Kelly came out

Time for the dancers to come back out, this time for the first of three non-holiday songs. First up, Emotions!

Whistle notes for daaaaaaayyyyys

Now wearing one of her dancer’s jackets to avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions (which apparently happened the previous night)

Her last non-holiday song was the always-classic Hero

The end of Hero

Final outfit for the final song, All I Want for Christmas is You

Back with the kids at the beginning of the song

So happy!

And now with the grown-up dancers

Love this one because of the way the dancers are framing her

I had to get a clip of the end of this song, too. So much happening on stage!

Not quite done yet

Mariah being danced away by Tanaka and Anthony

Saying goodbye until next year!

It was an amazing show and I definitely enjoyed myself. Already looking forward to next year!