The Sun Times Keep on Comin’ – Palm Springs 2018

If you’ve read my last post, you know we’re still enjoying a sunny break in Palm Springs, CA. I’m happy to report that today was…more of the same. 😀 Unsurprisingly, this will be a short post!

I spent the morning writing up a blog post while Scott did some number-crunching to understand what having a second home here would actually take. To clarify, getting a home here isn’t something we’re looking at doing next week or even next year, but Scott likes to play out different scenarios to see how things could work out to make this happen (especially knowing we want to retire as early as possible). It’s fun to think about what life will be like then – no work to worry about, no big responsibilities, and the ability to spend time in a variety of different places. Those places would primarily be St. Paul and a warm-weather home (Palm Springs or maybe somewhere else – we’ll see what we come up with), but we’re also looking at spending some periods of time in London (for me) and NYC (for Scott). It’s exciting to consider the possibilities! Of course, if I turn this blog into a way to professionally travel, I can do all that much sooner. So anyone reading this who can make that happen, let me know. 😀

Anyway, back to Palm Springs! After our future-focused conversation, we brought things back to the present by jumping in the pool. It really is amazing to have a pool in your backyard, though I can imagine the novelty might wear off after awhile. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the pool is heated, which may seem odd in a desert climate, but because the temps have only been in the mid-70s for the most part on this trip and also because it’s been pretty breezy, the pool heat is perfect. It’s not as if it’s a hot tub – I think the heating is actually more about keeping the pool temperature constant than making it feel hot. And it’s certainly nice to not get an ice-cold shock every time we jump in!

After the pool time, we showered up and headed over to Bill’s Pizza for dinner. This place is rated as the best pizza in Palm Springs, so we weren’t surprised to find it to be pretty busy when we arrived. It’s not a big place and they don’t take reservations, so we thought we would have to face a long wait, but we were actually able to sit at a table outside right away. Apparently outside tables aren’t part of the wait list as they told us to just grab one when we said we were happy to sit inside or outside. It saved us a long wait, so I was happy! Since the restaurant was so busy and since pizza always has to be made to order anyway, we still had to wait a little while for the food, but I’d say it was worth it. We each got a 10″ pizza, which was just enough to make us feel full without feeling stuffed. And while we were sitting there, the titular Bill (the owner, it would seem) stopped in, so that was neat (our server called out it was him after he talked to her when he got out of his car). Overall, I’d give this place a 4/5 – they definitely have tasty pizza, so if that’s what you’re hungry for, you’d do well to stop in.

We were in the pool too much to take many pictures, but I snagged a few.

Another day in the sun! It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Walking towards Bill’s

Tasty ‘za!

Tomorrow, we actually have some firm plans to do something that doesn’t involve swimming, sunning, or eating! We’re going to ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, where we’ll get to ascend 2.5 miles up a mountain in the world’s largest rotating tramcar. That’s what their website says, anyway. 🙂 Should be fun! We may also do a little neighborhood exploring to see some of the cool architecture of Palm Springs.

Whether on the ground, in the air, or at the top of a mountain, we should see some great views tomorrow! Read all about them here.

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