Dublin Flight Home + Time for London!

You’d think that I would get tired of always leaving my blog on a cliffhanger, wouldn’t you? But no, I just keep on leaving you all hanging. Sorry about that! In all fairness, all the “what we did” posts for our recent Ireland/Northern Ireland/Scotland trip were done, but I never even let you know if we got home okay or if I ended up getting a great night’s sleep our last night in Dublin. Read on for the answers!

In that final post, I put out to the universe that I would sleep really well our final night Dublin and…I didn’t. Boo! I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but it was unusual that I didn’t sleep well for most of the trip in general. I often struggle for the first day or two of a long trip, but then get into a normal rhythm, but that didn’t happen on this trip. It also didn’t help that our final home-away-from-home in Dublin (the only Airbnb we stayed in, since we stayed in hotels up to that point) didn’t have a great bed in terms of size or comfort, but I do think I got more sleep on that last night than I did the other couple nights in Dublin. Regardless, it was amaaaaazing to get back home to our own bed! I mean, that’s always awesome, but it was extra nice this time.

As for actually getting home, we had another nice flight on Aer Lingus! The plane was identical to the one we took on the way to Ireland, so we had an equally identical, and comfortable, flight. If you’ve ever considered splurging on business class but have never pulled the trigger, I definitely encourage you to give it a try if you can! At the end of the day, you’re on a plane for a finite amount of time to get from A to B so I’m not advocating for spending silly money on air travel, but when you’re on a long-haul flight, it’s nice to be flying in comfort. Realistically, we won’t do it on all of our international flights, but we’ll plan (and budget) in a way that allows us to do it as much as possible. Even if you’re like me and aren’t going to get much (or any) sleep on a plane no matter how big your seat is, you’ll still enjoy the extra space and amenities. But it’s the destination that really counts at the end of the day, so ultimately, just get there and have a blast. 🙂

You didn’t think I’d do a post without any photos, did you? Here’s a few from the flight home!

Obligatory glass of champagne photo. I don’t even really like champagne, but it feels necessary here.

I sat in the seat across the aisle on the flight home, so I got a nice shamrock photo (there wasn’t one above the seat on the other side).

Just a few light bites before our actual meal. They were tasty!

Still not the actual meal – just salad. The caprese was surprisingly fresh!

This was a pretty good steak for airplane food.

And who doesn’t love cheesecake??

Now I can feel like the bow has been well and truly placed on that trip! But now it’s time for…


Yes, that’s right, it’s time for my (roughly) annual visit to my absolute favorite city. I’ll be flying out tomorrow and I’m looking forward to spending time in my happy place, despite the rainy weather forecast. It’s just rain, right? I don’t generally plan much for London trips because I’m happy to just be there and soak in all the good vibes (whether they’re rainy or not), but I have booked a Hidden London tour of Piccadilly Circus and I may take in a show or two. We’ll see what else strikes my fancy! Regardless of what I do, be sure to follow along here. 🙂

PS – totally random update as I wrap this brief post up! It was time to check in for my flight, which I dutifully did (I know it’s not necessary, especially for international flights, but I always like to check in as soon as the window opens), and as I was confirming my seat, I clicked into a Delta One seat (I booked Comfort+) just to see how much the upgrade would be. Much to my surprise, it was doable! So now I’ve got myself a nice, comfortable (I mean, as comfortable as a plane can get), lay-flat seat. Cool!

See you in London!

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