Quick London Follow-Up – Flyin’ Home

Although regular readers will remember the final post from last month’s London trip, I thought I would “officially” wrap things up with a quick recap of the flight home. Nothing wrong with squeezing in an extra blog post before the end of the year, right?

In short, the flight home was peachy! As with my flight there, I was booked into Comfort+ for the flight home, but was once again presented with a pretty decent price to upgrade to Delta One, so I decided to go for it again! Unfortunately, I was out and about in London when I checked in for the flight and thus when I needed to pay for the upgrade and OF COURSE I didn’t have the right card with me, so the upgrade didn’t go through and I was left annoyed and frustrated with my very first-world problem.


After reaching out to Delta via direct message on Twitter, I got hooked up with a very helpful person who canceled my check-in to try and get the upgrade to trigger again so I could just pay for it as I would have before. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, so she then presented me with the option to process the upgrade with miles and a transfer fee, which turned out to be even cheaper than the original upgrade price. Winning! So after settling that, I wrapped up the rest of my time in London (as you can read in my final post) and made my way to the airport the next day.

Getting to Heathrow for the flight home is something I always worry about just a little, not because I don’t know how to get there, but because it involves me schlepping my bag on the Underground. Sure, I could spend the extra money and get an Uber, either to the airport or to Paddington to get the Heathrow Express, but I like the journey to get there – it’s part of my travel experience. The slight worry is two-fold – I don’t want to get caught in the rain with my suitcase and I don’t want to get stuck with a train delay. Thankfully, neither happened…sort of.

As you may have read in other posts from this trip, my hotel was conveniently located to Goodge Street Station (literally around the corner – maybe a three-minute walk), so I just had to get there, go two stops to Leicester Square Station, and then it would be smooth sailing allllll the way to Heathrow on the Piccadilly line. The nice thing about taking the tube to the airport is that the train gets more and more empty the further you get from central London, so it was a fairly comfortable journey and one that went off without a hitch…until we got to Terminal 4. This particular train went to T4 first before going to Terminals 1-3, but the train developed some sort of mechanical issue when we got to T4, but the driver didn’t tell us about right away, so we sat on the train for a good 15-20 minutes, waiting for an update. I still had plenty of time before my flight, but I felt bad for the people who didn’t! Eventually fed up with waiting, we all left and made our way to the train/tram (separate from the Underground) that only runs between T4 and T1-3, but unfortunately that train runs on a very specific schedule, so we had to wait almost another 20 minutes before we were on our way. Again, I had plenty of time, but I bet some people only barely made their flights (hopefully no one missed!).

After reaching T3, I had a smooth and very quick check-in and security screening (flying Delta One comes with nice perks like a separate security line!) and then made my way to the lounge to relax and start my blog. Thanks to the delayed tube train, I didn’t have a ton of time to chill, but it’s always nice to relax a bit before…sitting for eight hours on a plane. 🙂

This post has gone on far longer than I thought it would, so let’s cut to the photos, huh?

This made me laugh! The one-floor elevator ride to the lounge can’t just be in a regular elevator – it’s in an elevator with a fancy, leather bench to rest on!

My view of the lounge.

The plane was on time – hooray!

Ready to fly home.

A nice lunch came shortly after takeoff. I enjoyed it more than the food on the way there.

The other picture didn’t include my beef tenderloin entree as that came separately.

Checking out the views.

It was nice to see all the way down to the ocean as we were flying over it.

And that was it! You know the rest of the story – I made it back home, etc. 🙂 I still don’t have any firm plans to visit London again yet, but rest assured, you’ll hear more British tales from me in 2020!

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