Farewell Palm Springs!

Since I’ve been home from Palm Springs for a few days, I guess it goes without saying that the trip is over. But yes, the trip is over! <sad music> It was definitely a fabulous trip though – lots of sun, pool time, and relaxing, which is just what we all needed. And I even managed to get my daily walks in (some days I even took two walks!). Just what the doctor ordered. πŸ™‚

With all that relaxation, I didn’t have much to blog about throughout the week. Pool, sun, hot tub, eat – rinse and repeat. We did go out in the evening a few times though, either for dinner, drinks, or both. Here are the restaurants we visited throughout the week:

  • RΓ­o Azul – we went to this Mexican restaurant on our first evening. It was perfectly fine, though nothing to write home about. The enchiladas, chimichangas, and other goodies we got were good, though I was only slightly annoyed that they didn’t have bottomless free chips and salsa. πŸ™‚
  • Palermo’s New York Pizza – we had pizza delivered from Palermo’s one night and it was good! It was a thinner, New York-style pizza with plenty of meat, plus a side of cheesy bread. We all agreed it was tasty, plus it provided some good leftovers. πŸ• πŸ•
  • Sherman’s Deli & Bakery – this was a backup dinner option as the place we were going to go to that night (The Heyday) had a “gas situation” and couldn’t serve any food. It worked out well though as Sherman’s was a) down the street from the first place and b) really tasty. They have classic diner food, so we enjoyed tasty sandwiches like a hot pastrami, a Philly, and more. Great atmosphere! The desserts looked amazing, but sadly, we didn’t get any. Their breakfast menu looked fabulous, but we never went back to try it. Next time!
  • Thai Smile – Scott and I went to this place on our last trip to PS and enjoyed it, so we decided to go back. Although it looked busy outside (there was a line to get in), we were seated right away and enjoyed all the food we got. I got some spicy beef fried rice, which I also got last time, while Scott and our friends enjoyed some curry and other tasty dishes. It was all super tasty!
  • Rooster and the Pig – this was Scott’s favorite place from our last trip, so we all planned to go this time, too. Up until a couple of weeks before we arrived, they weren’t even open for dine-in service, but they had re-opened their dining room recently, so we went in. Sadly, they still don’t take reservations and they still have a very long wait, but the food was really good. And they have a bar/lounge next door, so at least we were able to wait at a table in there with some drinks.

I guess that is a fair amount of restaurants visited over a week, but enjoying food is part of the vacation experience, right? Other than a couple of bars we visited, we didn’t really go anywhere else, but this trip was truly about relaxing and we did plenty of that. I did get a few more photos, mostly taken on my daily walks, so check those out below.

Lots of palm trees and gorgeous mountains, just at the end of our block.
The non-palm trees are always really pretty here.
See? Another cool tree!
Gotta love the palm trees though.
Well, this house has a LOT of potted cacti around it.
I just liked this sign in the Movie Colony neighborhood.
Walking around downtown Palm Springs.
We all worked on our desert glows!
Ahh, directional signs – haven’t seen those for awhile.
Photo of a Palm Springs sign at a local downtown hotel.
I had to get a picture of this Batman-themed bench (done as part of the Public Arts Commission).
“Angel wings” and steamed gyoza from Thai Smile.
I definitely had leftovers from my Philly at Sherman’s!
Colorful lanterns along the ceiling of the bar/lounge at Rooster and the Pig.
This time Scott got a picture of his most favorite-ist meal – chicken curry-stuffed rice ball.
A little selfie in the hot tub.
My view from the hot tub. Nice to have the floaties for the pool!
We finally got a picture of all four of us on our last full day. In the pool, of course.

Honestly, that pretty much sums up the whole trip! The house was a pretty perfect home-away-from-home, though as I mentioned in my other post, we all wished the pool had been a little bigger and a little deeper. All the spaces in the house were nice and pretty comfortable and we definitely had all the space we needed to spread out throughout the week.

When we got back from that trip a few days ago, we didn’t have any other trips booked. But in just the last day, we’ve booked not one, but TWO, trips. And they’re both international! That may be a little presumptuous of us, since COVID certainly isn’t gone, but the signs are a LOT more positive now than they were even a few months ago, so we bit the bullet and booked. One is several months out, but the other is scheduled for May. I’ll keep you in suspense for just a little while though as I want to be sure the trip will actually happen first!

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