Another Winter Getaway – Palm Springs 2022

Wait, didn’t I just get back from California? The answer is, of course, yes. But here I am again, less than two weeks later! But this time I’m not in LA for a Doctor Who convention, but instead, I’m in Palm Springs with Scott and two friends for a week of fun in the sun.

You may remember that Scott and I have visited Palm Springs once before, in 2018, but we decided it was time to come back! It’s still in our long-range plan to have a winter home here at some point in the future, so we may as well keep checking it out so we know we like it before potentially investing in a home here. And hey, who doesn’t love a little sunny relaxation time, especially when home (Minnesota) just got a bunch more snow a few hours after we left? 🙂

We actually just arrived yesterday afternoon, so we haven’t done a whole lot yet other than buy food (groceries), eat food (at a tasty, but slightly overpriced, Mexican restaurant called Río Azul), and enjoy the hot tub (using the pool for the first time today). Oh, and Scott and I did get our five-mile walk in today, too. So far so good then. 🙂 Although our flight out of Minneapolis was a bit delayed (I was afraid it was weather-related and would therefore stretch into a longer delay, but it turned out to be something mechanical on the inbound flight, which was fixed), the Delta crew did an awesome job of getting people off the inbound flight quickly and then getting us in and off the ground. The pilot actually made up pretty much all of the 45-minute delay, so we landed in Palm Springs just about when we were supposed to. Perfect!

Our inbound flight arrived!

As with our previous visit, we once again rented a rented a house (though this time via Airbnb instead of VRBO), this time in the Sunrise Park neighborhood. It’s a mid-century home that feels very Palm Springs and has a ton of space! Although there are just four of use, there are four bedrooms (three with king beds and two of which are en-suites) and three bathrooms (none of the bathrooms are very big, but it’s nice to have three). There are also two good-sized living rooms, plus a nice kitchen/dining area and a large backyard. Of course, the primary way to enjoy the sun here is in a pool, so we made sure to get a house with a nice pool, plus a hot tub (we didn’t have a hot tub last time we were here). We all agreed that the pool is a little smaller in person than it looked in the photos (we were also told it was ~8 feet deep, but it’s actually only ~5+ feet deep), but it’s a great temperature and will serve us perfectly for the week that we’re here. We did use the hot tub last night and, although it looked a little small at first, it’s actually perfect for us. Definitely gets plenty hot and has several good jets!

Since today is only our first full day, there isn’t much else to say yet, but I will show off the house a bit!

We’re in the Sunrise Park neighborhood on this trip.
Outside our house in the Sunrise Park neighborhood.
This inner courtyard is between the front gate and the front door. Looks nice, but I doubt we’ll use it.
The living space just inside the front door, complete with bright red fireplace.
Another angle on this living room.
This second living room is next to the first one. Feels like this is a remodeled garage space, but it’s comfy.
Another angle of the second living room.
The kitchen isn’t big, but it’s very functional and has everything we need (once we found the toaster in a cabinet, at least).
Looking from the kitchen to the dining area (door to backyard is open).

These two nooks around the fireplace are neat.

Ahh, the pool! Plus hot tub. And lots of outdoor furniture!
Another view of the pool area from the corner by the gate.
We probably won’t use this graveled seating area, but I’m sure those deck chairs will get some use (we’ve already moved them closer to the pool so all four are together).
Bocce ball court tucked on the side of the house.
The first of two en-suite bedrooms. The only bedroom with a queen bed!
The attached bathroom is small, but perfectly functional.
The next bedroom. It feels like these two bedrooms are probably original and the others may have been part of an addition to the house.
Another bathroom, equally functional (though a little smaller).
A hallway/passthrough/working space that leads to the other two bedrooms.
I just like this painting. 🙂
This feels like the smallest bedroom, but it still has a king bed and a decent closet. And all the bedrooms have their own TVs, which is nice for unwinding at night.
The biggest bedroom.
The biggest bedroom doesn’t get a big bathroom, but it works!

So that’s our home-away-from-home for the week! We don’t have anything planned in terms of excursions or sightseeing, but we’re playing it by ear. All four of us have been here before and the goal is definitely to do a lot of relaxing, so if that just means pool/hot tub time, games, and food, I won’t be heartbroken.

As always, watch this space to see what we get up to!

2 thoughts on “Another Winter Getaway – Palm Springs 2022

    1. It’s been amazing so far! Not super hot, but tons of sun, so it feels warmer than it is. The temps are only going to increase every day we’re here, too. 🙂

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