The End is Near – Day 6 in Mexico

After the rain we experienced on Tuesday, it was great to have a cooler day on Wednesday. The temperature hovered right around 79-80 all day and there was a nice breeze, so it was noticeably cooler. Fine by me! Because of the sunburn on my shoulders, I kept the upper half of my body in the shade of the pool umbrella for most of the day, but I did go down to the ocean and got into the pool at the end of the day. Thankfully, that did my shoulders a world of good and the burn feels way better now! Sadly, it’s starting to peel now, but I definitely look like I’ve gotten sun, which is exactly what I want coming out of a vacation like this. And my legs finally got some color, too! I made a point to keep them in the sun even though I kept the rest of my body in the shade. Don’t forget to be VERY mindful of the sun when you’re on a vacation like this! Bring lots of sunscreen (ie – way more than you think you’d need) so you don’t run out. Scott and I each brought one 10.5-oz bottle and his just ran out today and mine will be gone after the day. We should have brought one more just to be safe, so learn from us. 🙂

After another day in the sun, we had a nice dinner at the Mexican restaurant at the resort. We’d been there a couple of times for lunch, but hadn’t been there for dinner yet. They had a nice menu and our server was great, which is especially noticeable at this resort where the service is generally slow at best. We watched a little drum and fire show by the pool after that before half the group went to bed and the other half of us went to one of the resort bars for a little while. They had a great jazz band playing! But it was in bed by about 10p again. It’s been great not having to worry about when to go to bed and when to get up. I could get used to that!

Today starts our seventh day, which is our last full day at the resort as we fly home tomorrow afternoon. As you can see, it’s starting off the same as every other day:

Getting ready for a day of relaxing in the sun.

Off to enjoy one more day in the sun!

2 thoughts on “The End is Near – Day 6 in Mexico

  1. Sunscreen (and sun protection in general) is SO important! (Especially for us pale northern natives.) Good call on bringing additional sunscreen. I would also advise packing a hat. (I have one that crumples down to nothing that I bring on every trip I take, and it has come in handy more than once!)

    A drum and fire show sounds cool! And I agree with you – getting to go to bed and wake up whenever your body wants is a fantastic thing, indeed.

    1. Sunscreen is definitely SUPER important on a trip like this! Good call on the hat, too. A couple of us had them. Nicole wore a giant sunhat for a day or two after she got burned and she said it helped her a ton.

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