The Time is Now – UK Trip!

Yes, that’s right! After catching up on my last few trips in my most recent posts, the time has come to take a new trip, albeit to an old destination. My annual pilgrimage to the UK is happening tonight! This time, Scott is coming with me and, for the first time since he and I last went to the UK together, there’s no Doctor Who connection on this trip. Well, no direct one, at least. πŸ™‚ It’s usually more convenient for me to plan around some kind of Doctor Who event because a number of my UK friends come together for such events (oh, and also because I like Doctor Who – obviously), but I was planning this trip around two other factors – great airfares (Delta had some really great deals when I was planning the trip earlier this year) and Scott’s availability between grad school classes. Thankfully, I found a favorable crossing point between the two, so we’re heading out tonight for a week in the UK.

Where are we headed this time? Unsurprisingly, we’ll be based in and spending most of our time in London, but we’ll also make a couple of day trips. We’re for sure heading to Brighton on Thursday (Scott has never been!) and we’ll likely take one other day trip, location TBD (open to suggestions, so add a comment if you have any). Although we’ve used Airbnb in lots of countries, we’ve never used it in the UK, but we’re changing that on this trip as we found a great flat near Fitzroy Square to spend the next week in.

I’m happy to spend a week soaking in my favorite city, but I’m also excited for Scott to make his return. There are a number of places I’ve been to that he hasn’t, so we’ll plan to hit up at least some of those. And, believe it or not, there are plenty of places neither one of us have been to, so I’m hoping to visit some of those as well. What’s your favorite London location? Leave a comment and let me know!

Watch for more posts very soon!

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