Two Years Later…

Has it really been two years?!?! Two years since I’ve been to London, my favorite city in the world? It’s hard to believe, but with a global pandemic raging, travel hasn’t been easy for most of the last two years. With things getting somewhat better this year, with vaccines becoming so widely available, and with borders opening, I’ve at least dipped my toes back into the traveling waters (only to NYC so far, but it was glorious to be traveling again!), but I haven’t gone international yet (look for a tropical, holiday-season trip to change that, however). Even though I know I CAN go to the UK right now, it still hasn’t felt quite right yet. Never fear though – it will definitely happen again! I’m just not quite sure when yet.

So, since I don’t have any plans to visit the UK currently (though I just KNOW I’ll be back in 2022!), I thought I’d write this short post about my last trip there. Or rather, share the posts I wrote at the time, since I keep getting social media reminders about the trip right now. It was a really fun trip (though I love all my London trips!) as I got to catch up with a couple of good friends, I enjoyed some nice weather most of the time, and I got to see/experience several new-to-me things. What more could I ask for??

  • Announcing the trip – this also includes a little update about the previous trip I’d been on a couple of months before London.
  • The first day – getting settled, wandering around, and enjoying sunny (really!) weather, with a splash of Christmas decor around the city.
  • Museums – visiting a couple of new-to-me museums, both of which I really enjoyed!
  • Workin’ 9 to 5 – catching up with my friend Matt and seeing 9 to 5 in the West End (also, rainy weather – boo).
  • Underground + Brick Lane – taking a fun Hidden London tour, plus exploring Brick Lane Market.
  • Wandering London – more wandering around my favorite city, another new-to-me museum, and dinner with my friend Steve.
  • Last full day – a last-minute museum visit, plus London views by night from the Sky Garden.
  • Flying home – quick update on the flight home.

I loved all the first-time visits I made on this trip and will visit some of them on my next trip! The Sky Garden is definitely a place I’ll revisit (especially since it’s free!) and Hidden London offers multiple tours, so that might be something I do on every trip going forward (assuming I can get tickets every time).

Now I just need to actually book a trip! Soon. 🙂

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